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Web Link: Getting home:family members' experiences

This is a link to a short video, in which 2 couples talk about their experiences in the first few weeks of getting home. Borrowed, with grateful thanks, from the INSPIRE (ICU) research team in NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde 

Web Link: Healthtalkonline - families' experiences of Intensive Care

This link will take you to the Healthtalkonline website. You can hear about other family members' and close friends' experiences of having a loved one in Intensive Care. There are short videos, voice recordings and written interviews, which we hope you find useful.

Article: Physiotherapy: what can family do to help on the ward?

Common problems after Intensive Care Patients are often immobile (lying still) for much of their time in Intensive Care, sometimes resulting in general stiffness or painful joints, especially in the knees and shoulders. They can also lose muscle as a result of being so ill, especially in the legs, which often results in general weakness and problems with mobility. This can mean that patients may become tired or short of breath when beginning to mobilise on the general ward. Not...

Web Link: Support for carers when someone is dying or has died

Sadly, not everyone survives a stay in the Intensive Care Unit. This link will take you to the website of good life,good death and good grief. They are a group that brings together people and organisations that are interested in improving people’s experiences of death, dying and bereavement in Scotland. This link will take you directly to their pages on support for carers, although you may find other pages useful.We are very sorry for your loss.  

Web Link: Visiting the Intensive Care Unit

This link will take you to the Healthtalkonline website and their page on the emotional impact of having a family member or friend in Intensive Care.You can watch short video clips or hear voice recordings of other people talking about their experiences.We hope you find it helpful to hear that you're not alone in what you're going through.