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Common psychological issues

In this section, we've provided some basic information and advice on the common psychological and emotional issues that many patients face after getting home. These include feeling anxious, low or irritable, having flashbacks, mood swings, poor concentration and problems sleeping.Not everyone will face these issues, and some may find them more troublesome than others.We've provided some general advice which we hope you find useful.

It's important to remember that, for some people, psychological or emotional problems arise late in the recovery process, often once they returned to normal. This can be quite difficult for a number of reasons. Some people hide or feel guilty about these issues when they feel that their family has already been through enough and they want to appear strong for everyone else. It's never too late or too difficult to get the help you need.




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Web Link: Self help for common psychological issues

This link will take you to a website called "Mood Juice", which has been developed by psychologists in NHS Scotland. You can access and print off useful self-help guides on a number of issues including anxiety, depression, flashbacks,having problems sleeping and bereavement.

Article: Short term memory loss

Article length: 1 minute (Read now or tap the button above to add this resource to your personal library to read later) Some patients experience a range of short-term memory problems after Intensive Care. This is sometimes called "cognitive impairment" or "cognitive dysfunction". This may mean that you have problems remembering things, you may find that you can't concentrate for long periods, or you may find that your attention span is shorter than it was...

Article: Sleep disturbances

Feeling tired is very common It’s very common to have problems sleeping in the first few weeks after you get home, even though you may feel very tired. You might struggle to get to sleep, have broken sleep, sleep for much longer than usual or sleep at different times to which you normally would (including napping during the day). Why can't I sleep? It's likely that many people suffer from sleep deprivation during their time in hospital. Some people wake several...

Web Link: Sleeping better

This link will take you to the Patient website and their page on insomnia (poor sleep). They offer common sense information and advice on sleeping better, which you can download or print off, if you like.