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Irritability and mood swings

It is common to feel that your emotions  are "all over the place" after having spent time in Intensive Care.Patients often tell us that it is only after they got home or are more physically able, that the emotional side of what has happened comes to the fore. There are many reasons why you might feel like this, all of which are perfectly understandable.

Not knowing or not remembering how you ended up in Intensive Care, or what happened while you were there, for example, can leave people feeling understandably anxious, especially if you became ill without any warning. You might be frustrated with yourself because you feel that you should be recovering more quickly, or you may feel like your family members are holding you back by wrapping you up in cotton wool. Other issues such as feeling physically weak or not eating or sleeping properly can affect your emotions too.You might be worried about money and about going back to work.The list may seem endless.

All of this means that you might feel up one day and down the next. You might find yourself snapping at your family members for no apparent reason.Try not to be too hard on yourself.Feeling like this is completely understandable and things will get better over time.One of the most helpful things is usually to speak with your family about how you're feeling. You will see from this website that there is plenty of help available if you need it.Consider talking to your GP.