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There are a number of hospital staff who may be involved in your care after transfer to the general wards. Patients often see so many different people that it can be difficult to work out or remember who's who and what they do. In this section, we've provided information on the various staff you might see, the type of help they can offer, and what to expect in the various tests or assessments they might ask you to do.


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Article: Physiotherapy on the ward

What does a physiotherapist do on the ward? Physiotherapy has a very important role in recovery and rehabilitation after Intensive Care. The physiotherapist works very closely with all the other members of the ward staff to make sure that you are recovered enough to cope at home. The two main things that the physiotherapist can help with are breathing exercises and mobility (eg walking). Why might I need to see a physiotherapist after Intensive Care? Some patients still...

Article: Social worker

What does a social worker do? Awaiting content from a ward based social worker Housing Employment and education Finances and benefits Mental health and advocacy Addictions Family and childcare Why might I need to see a social worker after Intensive Care?Recovery after Intensive Care can take quite some time, which can result in a number of changes to things like living and family arrangements, any benefits you might either be receiving...

Article: Speech and Language Therapist

What does a Speech and Language Therapist do? Speech and Language Therapists are trained in assessing and treating swallowing and communication problems. Why might I need to see a Speech and Language Therapist during or after Intensive Care? It is not uncommon for patients who have spent time on a ventilator or breathing machine to develop short term problems with swallowing or with their voice. Temporary changes to the sound and strength of the voice can occur, with it...