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Help in the community

You may find, after you get home, that you need more help with everyday life than you thought you would. We hear from talking to other people that it can be hard to accept that you need a little help and that you may not know where to look or that you're not sure what you might be entitled to.Please be reassured that there is an enormous amount of help available to you in the community, much of it free of charge.In this section, we've provided links to some of the organisations that can offer help with things like personal care, equipment for your home and getting out and about.


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Web Link: Alcohol and recovery: where to get help

Alcohol is a major health issue in Scotland. Research has shown that around a quarter of admissions to Intensive Care are alcohol-related.If you're worried about how much you, or a person you care about drinks, there is plenty of help available. This link will take you to the website of Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol. They offer information, advice, a helpline and local support groups for individuals and their family members.

Web Link: Alcohol and recovery: where to get help

Alcohol is a major health issue in Scotland.Research has shown that around a quarter of admissions to Intensive Care are alcohol related.If you're worried about how much you or someone you care about is drinking,there is plenty of help available. This link will take you to the Alcoholics Anonymous website.They hold groups all over Scotland and have a number of useful resources on their website, including other peoples' stories and easy to read literature that you can download...

Web Link: Attendance Allowance

Attendance Allowance is a benefit for people aged 65 or over who need help with personal care (washing,dressing or eating, for example).Some patients need this type of help in the first few weeks and months after they get home.This link will take you to the NHS Choices web page, which will tell you more about what this allowance is, who is eligible and how to claim it.

Web Link: Borrowing a wheelchair

Although you may not have been issued with a wheelchair when you leave hospital, some people continue to have problems with walking after they get home.It might be helpful to borrow a wheelchair "just to get out of the house", if you're not sure how far you can walk, you tire easily or have lost your confidence a little. This link will take you to the webpage of the British Red Cross, who may be able to lend you mobility equipment.If you type in your postcode, they can...

Web Link: Citizens Advice (Scotland)

This link will take you to the Citizens Advice Bureau (Scotland). They can provide information and advice on a wide range of money, legal and health issues including: Money & debt Benefits Employment Housing Family problems Health Services Legal rights & responsibilities Within NHS Lothian, to see an advisor on your ward or at the patient imformation centre, call or text 07780-461-966, or...

Web Link: Community Care Assessment

If you or the person you're looking after has difficulty with personal care (washing and dressing, for example), you could consider getting support from social services by having a community care assessment of your needs.The assessment looks at what type of services are needed. This might include a range of things, from from aids and home adaptations to visits from care workers or residential care.

Web Link: East Lothian Community Physiotherapy Services

This link will take you to the webpage of the East Lothian community physiotherapy services. This physiotherapy service is available to those people living within East Lothian. This pahe will tell you about the type of physiotherapy available and how to access it.

Article: Equipment

Some equipment is considered essential for hospital discharge, which means that it MUST be in place before you go home.Other "non essential" items of equipment or home adaptations might be organised before you leave hospital, but may take some time to arrive. This might include things like shower seats, bath aids or grab rails.

Web Link: Help at home

You might find, after you get home, that you might need help with personal care. That includes help with things like washing and dressing, getting in and out of bed, making meals and household chores. Many people can get help from "Reablement services", which gives intensive support to help you regain your independence for up to six weeks. This link will take you to Edinburgh City Council's web page on getting help in your home.You will need to be assessed to see exactly...

Web Link: Help for older people

This link will take you to the Royal Voluntary Service for Older People in Edinburgh and the Lothians. They can offer a range of services such as: taking you to a hospital appointment, to the shops or to visit friends; befriending; collecting prescriptions; help in the garden or around the house, etc.