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Support groups

ICUSteps: who they are and what they do

ICUSteps is a charitable organisation which was set up by former Intensive Care patients, their family members and ICU staff in Milton Keynes in 2005. Their main aim is to help support patients and families who are recovering after Intensive Care. They hold informal meetings where you can come and talk with others who have had similar experiences to your own. Many people find this really helpful and reassuring. You can go along to as many or as few meetings as you feel you need.

Are there any support groups in Scotland?

Yes. We are delighted to say that there are now 2 support groups in Scotland, one in Dundee and another in Edinburgh. You are very welcome to attend, whether you are a former patients, a family member or a close friend.. If you would like to find out more about when and where the meetings are held, you can look on the ICUSteps website here