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Article: When can I get back to driving?

Depending on the type of illness that took you into Intensive Care, there may be no reason why you shouldn't go back to driving. However, if you had a heart attack, for example, you are generally advised not to drive for at least a month afterwards. There may be other reasons for caution around getting back behind the wheel, but if you are in any doubt at all about your ability to drive, please consult your GP and your insurance company. Patients do sometimes tell us that they...

Article: When should I go to my GP?

How soon should I go to my GP after I get home? Some patients tell us that they prefer to check in with their GP relatively soon after getting home. Others sometimes feel that they have been "poked and prodded enough" and prefer to have a little "breathing space" after they first get home.You will need no reminding that you've been seriously ill, but please don't ignore any serious symptoms. You will usually have received only a limited supply of any...