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Will I go home on the same medication?

You may find that you go home with more or sometimes less medication than you were taking before.It is not unusual for some of your normal medications to be stopped or to have new ones started.

How can I find out more about any new medications?

Ask your nurse, doctor or the ward pharmacist to explain what your new medications are for, how and when to take them, any side effects to look out for, or if they are likely to interfere with anything else you might be taking.

How many days' worth of medication will I go home with?

You will usually be given a limited amount of medication to go home with, usually a week or so's worth.You may have a stock of your previous medication at home, but you may have to go to your GP to get a repeat prescription for anything new.

How do I get a supply of my new medication?

You will have to get a repeat prescription from your GP of anything new.If you aren't physically able to get to your GP, you can ask for a telephone consultation. You can ask friend or family member to pick it up from your GP surgery.You could also ask for a home visit. 

Will my GP be informed of any changes in my medication?

Yes,your GP will be sent a letter telling him or her about your time in hospital and about the medications you were sent home with.

You should be aware, though, that there is sometimes a delay in the time it takes for your hospital discharge letter to reach your GP.He or she may not yet be aware that you've been in hospital.It might help to take along a list of everything you were sent home with.

Will my GP know why some of my medications have been changed?

Your GP may not be aware of some of the reasons why some of your medications (if any) were changed, stopped or started, so it might be worth asking him or her to find out.