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Carer support (hospital discharge services)

This service is available to carers of people admitted to an NHS Lothian hospital.Carer support workers in hospital can help you to get involved in planning support for the person you care about, for when they leave hospital (discharge planning). You can use this service if you or the person you care for is aged 18 years or over.They can help you:

work with staff to decide what support will be arranged for the person you care about when they leave hospital
decide what support you are able to provide as a carer
by offering to undertake a carer's assessment and discuss your own needs as a carer
make referrals to carer support services
obtain general information on medical conditions and treatment
What happens when the person you care about leaves hospital?

At the point where the person you care for leaves hospital, you should know what support has been arranged for them and what support you can access. Remember that it is also important to look after your own health and wellbeing.

Find out more about the service

Ward staff, charge nurses, social workers, occupational therapists or physiotherapists can put you in touch with the carer support hospital discharge workers and refer you to the service, with your permission.You can also refer yourself to the service by calling the Integrated Carers' Team on 0131 536 3371 (Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm) or by email: carer.support@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk

Making a comment or complaint

If you wish to make a comment or complaint about any carer support hospital discharge worker or the service, please contact:

Integrated Carers' Team

Tel: 0131 536 3371

Email: carer.support@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk


All information we receive is kept confidential and is not shared without your permission, wherever possible.If required, we will ask your permission to share information with other relevant professionals. This will be restricted only to the information they need in order to help you better.