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NHS Approved App: Pzizz - for anyone struggling to sleep

Struggling to sleep after a stay in intensive care is very common. This app may help.

The Pzizz app addresses a common problem for those who have trouble sleeping: a "racing mind" or "thinking too much".

Using voiceover narrations based on clinical sleep interventions and specially designed music, Pzizz helps quiet the mind and calm the body into deep rest.

Pzizz can continue playing throughout the night to keep a stable sonic environment and help prevent users being woken up by external noises.

Used as a morning alarm, Pzizz spends 3 minutes gently bringing the user out of their sleep with personalised wake-up audio.

The most effective way to listen to Pzizz is by using headphones or earbuds, but your phone's built-in speaker will also work for most users.

The app is free to download from the App Store or Google Play.